Full STEAM Ahead

STEAM is a curriculum, based on the idea of educating students in five specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

Building our future tech workforce is already an issue for all industries, and programmatic approaches to introduce these specific disciplines in a fun, collaborative open learning model after-school, or in classroom has risen as a national priority for all tech professionals.

TALK, and other tech councils across America, have a commitment to encouraging and participating in the development of additional curriculum in our cities across our state. Through partnership with private industry, government officials , educators, and a variety of funding sources, including grants, corporate sponsorship, donations, and fee-based approaches, STEAM curriculum continues to develop in our markets.

TALK currently has several curriculum paths that it is offering in KY and IN regions:

TALK is anticipating live TechGirlz sessions again in Jefferson County in 2024.

TALK also anticipates tech coursework in 2024 for AMPED for middle school students.  Curricula and planning is underway.

*Rad Science Skateboard Build—Geared at Middle and High School age students, this programmatic approach allows for a deep-dive three-day event that teaches students foundational skills and produces an exciting result: a working skateboard for use. The next Rad Science Skateboard Build event is slated for Spring 2024. If you would like to partner with TALK on a live event in 2024, please connect Executive Director Dawn Marie Yankeelov (dawny@talklou.com or dawny@aspectx.com), or STEAM Curriculum Chair Jim Martin (jim@marwoodveneer.com).

Current Events:

About TALK
TALK stands for the Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky, our local technology council which focuses on economic development, workforce development, networking, education, advocacy, and talent identification. TALK, a 501C3, is one of more than 50 tech councils in the US and Canada that are members of TECNA (Technology Councils of America).