TALK Introduces Cyber-Readiness Program For All Small Businesses

TALK introduces its new partner, the Cyber-Readiness Institute and new tools for your internal teams, whether or not you are a TALK member. As one of our TALK followers, you may know it is time to get serious about cyber-readiness. This is another way of saying that cyber awareness in your organization begins with you, and showing others the path forward no matter the size of your company or small business. We invite you to use this free curricula available to your company at no charge from TALK and the Cyber-Readiness Institute (CRI). This was developed especially for small-to-medium sized businesses. Once you complete the curriculum–approximately 1 to 3 hours and designed to be done in a week with your internal teams–you can then showcase a special logo on your website, showing your team has graduated from the CRI program. This program provides you with organizational tools to create an organizational culture with cyber readiness embedded in how people do their jobs. This is your first step in getting all employees on the same page with cybersecurity best practices, as well as policy. While software may protect what it can, it is the people in your business that need to understand how to better detect malware and phishing to avoid further issues. We can get you started with that training. Click on the banner above to learn more!