TALK 2016 Membership Drive Begins

The Technology Association of Louisville’s membership drive begins in March officially for 2016. It is $99 to join as an individual for one year. See the Become a TALK member button to review our corporate rate of $2,500 and $5,000 respectively that will assist in supporting our monthly meetings, and TALK initiatives.

The individual benefits are as follows:
*Your name will be listed in our online professional membership directory when launched live in mid-2016
*Access to all our social media resources online, and inclusion on our mailing list for upcoming activities and news
*Participation in activities in Louisville that touch our mailing list of 3,500
*Opportunities to participate in forums or clusters that discuss key topics
*Special rates for attendance at partnered events in town
*Access to professional development videos and podcasts from Comptia

TALK’s new board will be named for the year from March 2016-2017 on March 2nd. While the TALK board meeting is closed only to those participating on the board this year, if you would like to become active on any of our sub-committees (which do not require that you are a part of the board), please contact Executive Director Dawn Marie Yankeelov at 502-292-2351. Before joining the board, it is strongly advised to get involved in a particular committee or initiative.

The current subcommittees include:
A. STEAM Curriculum
B. Techfest 2017 Steering Committee (to be launched in March with a kickoff meeting)
Various Techfest Subcommittees (to be formed), including:
–Finance: Sponsorships & Fundraising
–Programs: Speaker Development
–Logistics & Site Details
–Volunteer Recruitment and Coordination
–Entertainment: Night Event
–Catering and Coffee Planning
C. Grant Identification & Writing: Local, Regional & National Initiatives to Be Reviewed
D. TALK Promotion & PR
E. TALK Website Development
F. TALK Social Media
G. TALK Workforce Development Planning
H: TALK Partnership Planning
i.e. YPAL, HeN, KSTC, Code Louisville, Louisville Digital Association
I. TALK Finance: (Includes Fundraising for Specific Project-based Initiatives)
J. Monthly Meeting Coordination & Speaker Selections (Each Month a board member will find a location, and lead this process with this committee)

Committees are forming now for this year, so send email or call any listed board member on our Contact Us page or contact our Executive Director at