June 13 and 14th: New Rad Science Skateboard Build for Teachers/Students

TALK and Marwood are pleased to offer you Rad Science Skateboard Build Classes and Workshops…. Please advise if your favorite school or non-profit would be interested in exploring class or workshop options further. Our next class is an afternoon class at Marwood on June 13 and June 14. Phone Jim Martin or Cece Lindsey at 812.288.8344, or you can email Cece at Cece@MarwoodVeneer.com. The TALK-Marwood team partnership has been teaching the classes since August of 2015. Participants have included Ballard, Trinity, Country Day, and U of L Engineering students as well as teachers and professors. We have partnered to teach classes at the University of Louisville (Speed School) Engineering Garage, Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis, LVL 1 Hacker Space in Louisville, and 3 branches of the Louisville Free Public Library. TALK is a certified Vendor for the City of Louisville.IMG_4849



They were well received by the participants, and helped get the participants’ “artistic juices” flowing into their boards as pictured.

We can offer afterschool Build a Board sessions, or incorporate curriculum into existing classes. Similar classes have been taught in technology departments at high schools across the country in 6-week courses and other variations since 2000. Founded in 1955, Marwood has been selling Maple Veneer to high schools, universities, and maker spaces across the country, as well as factories in the U.S. and overseas for the last 5 years.