TALK Awarded SummerWorks Grant for Rad Science Skateboard Build

Spring Break is almost here (begins April 3rd-April 7th), and TALK with its Partner Marwood will do its three-day skateboard build program at Louisville Central Community Center off Muhammed Ali Boulevard for West Louisville teens from the Neighborhood House and Louisville Central Community Center. The Mayor’s SummerWorks Program has awarded a special $2,000 grant so that 12 teens may make and take their own skateboard home, learning science, technology, engineering, art and math!! This coupled with a TEGNA grant fund award, makes the days possible. The STEAM program will be offered free to qualifying teens in the West Louisville neighborhoods. If you have interest, please contact Jim Martin, TALK STEAM Coordinator, for further details. Be looking for flyers via the LCCC Teen Club, and at Central High School next week!

A few factoids on skateboard builds:
**Maple veneer is known to be the best in the world for skateboards and is included in our skateboard deck kits. Learning about grain direction, strength of wood, preparing, gluing and finishing are just a few of the lessons possible.
**Skateboards have a “green” approach to many topics, including transportation, locally acquired materials, as well as hand-built, non-toxic materials, and leave only a small carbon footprint.
**We seek to inspire leadership, teamwork, and mentorship. Once students have the skills to build a skateboard deck, they can assist or teach others through mentorship, outreach, summer camp, and after-school programs.

We thank Homepage Realty in advance for working with TALK and LCCC to document this wonderful event via photography and video during Spring Break week and its skateboard build fun!