A Jan. 25th TALK Discussion: The Future Has Arrived: VR Today; AR Tomorrow

TALK presents  “The Future Has Arrived:  VR Today; AR Tomorrow”

With Subject Matter Experts Jason Latta, Amazing Robots & Sons; Eric A. Wernert, Ph.D., Director, Visualization and Data Services, Pervasive Technology Institute, Indiana University; and Chauncey Frend, Lead Researcher, Indiana University’s Advanced Visualization Laboratory!!

Date:  Jan. 25, 2019

Location:  Legacy Room, Centro Complex on the Bellarmine University Campus  (the first bank of buildings when you enter from the Newburg Road entrance–park right there)

Time:  5:30 PM networking; 6:00 PM Presentation with Soda, pizza, popcorn and candy snacks

Open to Business Professionals, Teachers, & College-Age Students

No Fee to Attend! Seating Still Available!

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Jason Latta, a self-taught coder, served as a lead developer at two Silicon Valley startups. He’s helped Fortune 100 companies redefine what content and tech can do when properly aligned.  Now it’s on to virtual reality for supporting exhibition, museums, and more!  Find him at:  http://amazingrobotandsons.com/

Dr. Eric Wernert serves as director of Visualization and Analytics, and associate director of the Pervasive Technology Institute Data to Insight Center. He is also senior manager and scientist for Research Technologies’ Visualization Technologies and Futures. In these roles, Wernert provides strategic leadership for IU in the areas of advanced visualization, research analytics, and science gateways – a set of technologies and services that makes it easier to analyze massive data sets.

Chauncey Frend is the lead research support staff for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies (a.k.a. xR technologies) with the Indiana University Advanced Visualization Laboratory. He supports and implements the broad needs of researchers, educators, and artists who utilize xR methods within the University. Frend is also the founder of CYUTIL (http://www.cyutil.io/), a technology company dedicated to advancing environmental feedback and automation applications of xR and is the inventor of the cy.PIPES control platform.

The state of virtual and augmented reality industry is one which would make any investor happy: the technology is becoming more and more mainstream, with high adoption rates among consumers and fields of business and industry.  According to IDC interviews, virtual reality will continue to drive greater levels of spending in the next 12-18 months, as both consumer and commercial use cases gain traction.  By 2021, the combined market size of augmented and virtual reality is expected to reach 215 billion U.S. dollars. With tech giants helping developers secure the right tools, the development of new software will rise dramatically.  The top industries interested in these technologies include: gaming, real estate, healthcare, marketing and advertising, and education.  Join us for an engaging look at what is going on around you in this space!