A Free TALK Event Online–Sept. 9 at 5 PM: Expanding Mobile Dental Care in the Age of COVID-19 with Kwane Watson of KARE.Mobi

Date: Sept. 9th

Time: 5 PM on Zoom with Networking after the presentation

Cost: FREE

Register: On Eventbrite

Speaker: Kwane Watson, Founder of KARE.Mobi

In this virtual and free TALK networking event on Sept. 9 at 5 PM, Speaker and Founder Kwane Watson will highlight some of the steps forward during COVID-19 that have occurred in mobile dental care. More people during COVID-19 have requested special in-person dental visits via van than ever before. KARE.Mobi is a startup growing clientele as well as owners in its system. Learn how the model was started and where Founder Kwane Watson will take investors, clientele, and mobile dentists from here. In the United States today, the following statistics highlight the problem with access and compliance with oral health care:

• 128 million people are underinsured or uninsured

• 19% of adults forego dental Treatment due to convenience

• 59% of adults forego dental treatment due to cost.

• Dental anxiety and phobia are extremely common. It has been estimated that 9% to 15% of Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear. That’s about 30 million to 40 million people.

There are 5,493 dental health professional shortage areas (HPSAs) nationwide, in which there are more than 5000 patients per dentist, according to Realclearhealth.com. Potential patients that go untreated, risk their health. Oral health is a window to overall health, as reported by the Mayo Clinic. An unhealthy mouth, with gum disease, may increase serious health problems such as heart attack, stroke, poorly controlled diabetes and preterm labor.

Bio of Speaker:

Kare founder, CEO and President Kwane Watson is a University of Kentucky College of Dentistry graduate with the degree of Doctor of Medical Dentistry. He also serves as the industry leader for a national organization dedicated to mobile dentistry throughout the US.

After graduation, Kwane purchased his first practice a year after graduation. The practice tripled in revenue in less than 5 years and was the largest dental practice in West Louisville. In 2007 he started a high end de novo practice in Norton Commons, but soon realized his passion was serving the working class and underserved population. He sold both practices and in 2016 took a role as State Dental Director for Community Dental of Kentucky. In this position, he travels the state training doctors and providing care to those with limited oral health care options. With 20 years of dental experience, Kwane has identified and created a business model that will revolutionize oral health care.