Sept. 24th Online TALK Event at 4 PM ET: “AI & Digital Twins” with CTO Sunny Dronawat of Plutoshift

Yes, it’s another virtual TALK event complete with networking!

DATE: Sept. 24th

Time: 4 PM ET

Cost: FREE

Location: Online in Zoom

TOPIC: “AI & Digital Twins”

Speaker: Sunny Dronawat, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Plutoshift

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This is a virtual TALK event, so invite a friend that lives out of town, and make sure you settle in with your favorite snacks. We will do some networking at the end of this event. The topic of “AI & Digital Twins” has risen to a “hot” topic for Fall 2020 in IT and business circles.
Digital Twins is the art of simulating plans or building what-if scenarios for the products, facilities, and processes you wished to change before you actually put real-world resources behind real-world implementation. Many businesses and industries are taking advantage of Digital Twins.   As an exact digital replica of something in the physical world, digital twins are made possible thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that gather data from the physical world and send it to machines to reconstruct. While the concept of a digital twin has been around since 2002 when Michael Grieves at the University of Michigan first used the terminology, it was IoT technology that made it affordable and accessible to many more businesses.

By creating a digital twin, insights about how to improve operations, increase efficiency or discover an issue are all possible before it happens to whatever it’s duplicating in the real world. The lessons learned from the digital twin can then be applied to the original system with much less risk and a lot more return on investment. The Talk will be on: 1. Digital Twins and Examples 2. Challenges of building Digital Twins 3. AI and use of Digital Twins

Speaker: Sunny Dronawat is an experienced CTO with a demonstrated history of working in the Enterprise Software, AI, Financial Services, Healthcare and Payment industries. Skilled in Technology, AI/ML, Management, Marketing, IT-HR and Business Development. He has joined Plutoshift, based in Palo Alto, CA. Plutoshift is an IT leader in operational intelligence. Plutoshift’s GROUNDED AI platform is empowering teams with automated performance monitoring for any industrial workflow. They are transforming industrial work, one process at a time.

Sunny Dronawat, CTO of Plutoshift

Dronawat is also a strong entrepreneurship professional with a PhD in Chemical Engineering and an MBA focused in Business Administration from University of Louisville, and looks forward to networking with you!