TALK Hosts Discussion on “Securing the Network Perimeter Against Bad Actors” on August 18th at Genscape

The Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky (TALK) will be hosting a cybersecurity event titled “Securing the Network Perimeter Against Bad Actors.” This free event is on Thursday, August 18th, from 5:00 to 8:00 PM located at the new Genscape Headquarters on 1140 Garvin Place, Louisville, KY 40203. This talk will address strategies to set up to avoid cyberattacks necessary in large and small corporate environments, as well as related threat intelligence, and security measures necessary. For attendees, there will also be a networking dinner. NOTE: There will be a valuable cybersecurity offer from our sponsors, Fortinet, and Level 3, to all companies in attendance.

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Our experts at Level 3 Communications have cited several statistics that indicate that over time, the bad actors have gotten better. The average cost of a corporate data breach has grown to $4 million dollars per incident, a 29 percent increase since 2013. The number of security incidents increased 38 percent in the last two years. These bad actors are not strictly targeting large corporations, but small businesses as well, according to the annual Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study.

In 2016, fifty-five percent of all cyberattacks are either carried out or facilitated by employees within the walls of a business, according to IBM. Of those attacks, 31.5 percent are intentional. Spear phishing makes it easier to infiltrate malware, and poor password controls have made it simpler to pull out data. This means that the insider threats are getting tougher to detect, and IT assets are getting more distributed and harder to defend. In this age of Internet of Things and cloud computing we see data protection moving inward as well.


Director OF Security Solutions Architecture

Level 3 Communications Bruce Roton has over 37 years of experience in the Information Technology industry with the past 12 years focused on information security and security operations management. He is currently the Director of Security Solutions Architecture at Level 3 Communications. Mr. Roton is also engaged in leading edge security research and development to drive the evolution of security from legacy technologies to intelligence based mitigation systems. These future systems will be learning and adaptive, and based on functional profiling and behavior. Prior to this position he spent over 7 years at Verizon’s Cybertrust/Teremark Division as a Security Engineering Manager, and Director of Security and Cloud Engineering. He has also held positions as a Security Consultant, Security/Network Systems Engineer, Director of Customer Support and senior programmer (both applications and OS).

Presentation Brief
Businesses face evolving DDoS attacks, infections by dangerous new forms of malware, APTs, and social engineering attempts intended to compromise their valuable information. Each year, the number of data breaches increases, and organizations scramble to thwart attackers through a variety of approaches.

The Role of Threat Intelligence in Stopping Advanced Cybersecurity Attacks
The presentation opens with a review of trends in the security space around Operational Environments, Threat Actors, and Threat Mitigation strategies. We then explore how attackers typically breach security defenses and the common mistakes that allow them in. Next, the presenter will review advanced analytic approaches that effective IT security teams can take to manage evolving threats, adhere to regulatory and industry compliance standards, and efficiently manage headcount and budgets, as they evaluate new security solutions. Lastly, the session will hone in on methods to detect what others miss by defining and searching for Indicators of Compromise with a set of practical recommendations.
1. What are the trends in the Security market, and why are traditional security strategies becoming less and less effective.
2. What are the latest technologies and techniques for identifying Indicators of Compromise (IOCs).
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