Metro Louisville Govt. Posts Chief Data Officer Position

The City of Louisville Seeks Data Officer to Join City’s Improvement and Innovation Efforts
Data is an asset. When data is leveraged for insights and decision-making, it has the power to revolutionize government; enabling government to proactively meet the needs of individuals, allowing stakeholders to track the city’s performance and helping residents better engage in community building.
The responsibilities of the Data Officer are threefold: constructing a comprehensive strategy for citywide data collection, usage, and storage; partnering with the city’s analytical assets to facilitate data-driven decision-making through sophisticated analytics; and promoting transparency through open data. An ideal candidate for this position would have an advanced degree in computer science, economics, statistics, or mathematics as well as experience in public service and business processes.
The DO is the face of the city’s open data effort, and will be an advocate for open data and innovation both inside and outside municipal government. This is an ideal position for an entrepreneurial executive interested in leading the adoption of innovative data-informed strategies that have the power to transform Louisville!
As a member of the leadership team of the Office of Performance Improvement and Innovation, the Data Officer will have the following responsibilities:
**Develop policies and practices for departments to use to identify, review, publish and maintain open data sets for internal and external consumers.
**Develop standards for implementing websites, applications and other technology projects by city agencies in a way that supports open data.
**Develop standards for implementing public facing APIs.
**Oversee the management of an open data portal that serves as the central directory for open data made available by the city.
**Engage data producers (city departments) and other internal stakeholders to convey the strategic importance of sharing open data, both internally and externally.
**Engage with external consumers of open data to ensure awareness of available data, solicit feedback on data quality and obtain new ideas for future data releases.
**Pilot data analysis and mapping projects that demonstrate the value of data-driven decision making.
**Provide education and analytic tools for City departments to improve and assist with their data efforts.
**Coordinate the creation and sharing of internal City data sets.
**Serve as an advocate for open data within the city and articulate the innovation opportunities that can be realized by leveraging the city’s data.
A successful candidate:
**Will have a strong sense of urgency to achieve results, a quick work pace, and the ability to be flexible in meeting changing priorities.
**Must have a collaborative approach to problem solving, balancing analysis with action, and the ability to communicate effectively and professionally across all levels of the organization.
A Master’s degree from an accredited college/university (MBA, Statistics, Public Policy, Public Administration or related field) and two years of performance improvement coordination or management experience are required, however, an equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted. Proven results in managing and developing employees and experience or certifications in Lean, Six Sigma, and/or Project Management are preferred. Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to and More information about the Office of Performance Improvement and Innovation, including project and improvement highlights, can be found at

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