STEAM: Seeking 12 Teens in West Louisville Interested in Building a Skateboard

TALK”s Rad Science Skateboard Build Class for West Louisville Teens and Young Adults
April 4th-6th (9am-3pm)
Ages 12-21* AT NO FEE, Signup TODAY
Funded by the Mayor Summerworks Program

Design, Build, and shape your own skateboard as part of our STEAM after-school curricula –science, technology, engineering, art and math! The skateboard is yours upon completion of the construction in 3 days!
This class utilizes mold shaping, bent wood lamination, finishing work, and custom graphic techniques to build a one-of-a-kind skateboard!

On the third day, an art teacher will assist you in creating your own personal design!

Light lunch will be provided

Call to make your reservation today to one of these contacts:
Deborah Grant
Louisville Central Community Centers, Inc.
(502) 583-8822

Josh Swetnam
Neighborhood House
(502) 774-2322


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