Next TALK Meetup for Tech Professionals: April 18 at 5:30 PM–SAVE THE DATE!

Save the Date! TUESDAY, April 18th at Saffron’s Restaurant, 131 W Market St, Louisville, KY 40202

Speaker: David Galownia, President of igNew

Cost: Dinner or Appetizers on Your Own, Choose From the Menu Upon Arrival

Topic: “Drive the Conversation, Shift IT from Service to Innovation with Lean Startup”

To register: Send email to or go to Eventbrite

Learn how using a lean startup methodology can drive innovation, reduce risk, and eliminate waste in the software development process & beyond.

Lean Startup Methodology has been successfully implemented by a number of well known startups in Silicon Valley such as DropBox, Wealthfront, Grockit, IMVU as well as by established companies such as Intuit, General Electric, 3M, and more.

Lean principles focus on getting products in front of users quickly in order to gather key metrics which provide immediate, validated learning opportunities for successful, guided iteration cycles.


The Speaker’s Bio:
David is the President of igNew, a software development company that’s been building innovative software solutions since 2005. Very early on igNew solidified its core values as wanting to be the very best at building technology solutions for business. For David, that meant hiring the best, emphasizing doing things the right way, and creating a culture where anyone would want to work.

David came across Lean Startup after searching for a methodology that would help their clients drive innovation quickly while eliminating waste and reducing risk along the way.

“Building software is full of risks and many a times comes down to gambling that what you’re building will have a huge impact,” says David. “The Lean Startup methodology is a process designed to test and learn quickly, so you don’t spend a lot of time and money going down a path that’s not going to produce impactful results.”

Today, David’s company is an elite team of 13 innovators, strategists, designers, and developers.
In his spare time David professionally races go karts, plays hockey, and lifts heavy weights when not hanging with friends and family.