Slides from the TALK Cybersecurity Summit 2017

These slides are brought you courtesy of our sponsors and speakers from the TALK Cybersecurity Summit 2017 held on June 15th at the LCCC in Louisville, Ky.  Sponsors include:  UPS, IT Network Consultants, LCCC, and Aspectx.

Keynote Rodney Petersen, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under the US Department of Commerce.   Topic:  “The Importance of Cybersecurity in Our Workforce and Corporate Worlds.”

Chris Goggans, Senior Network Engineer, PatchAdvisor Topic:  “Case Studies of Network Vulnerability Assessments.”

Robert Brown, Attorney-At-Law, Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Goodman, P.S.C.  Topic:  “Cybersecurity and Its Implications on Trade.”

Kevin Nolten, National Cyber Innovation Center; Ryan Deal, Jefferson County Public Schools; and Scott U’Sellis, KY Department of Education.  Panel Discussion:  “The Unveiling of the State’s New Cyber Education Pathway for K-12.”

Kevin Hofstra, Chief Technology Officer for Metova CyberCENTS.  Topic:  “Training the Next Generation Cyber Warrior:  An Emulated, Realistic and Risk-Free Cyber Battlespace.”